02.02.2017 until 04.02.2017 – Sarah and Elliot

For a special reason, we will write this part of our blog in english. Why we do so? You will see, if you proceed reading 😉 First of all, I hope you apologize my grammar, syntax and orthography, it‘s a long time ago I wrote something in english. Feel free to correct me, using the comment – function.

We had a cosy half day at Okains Bay waiting for better Weather. We would have liked to stay here another night, but it stayed foggy an cloudy. Fabian tried to catch a fish, but he did not succeed, so he went for the camera and took some photos of the seabirds around. After lunch we decided to have a look to the other side of the hill.

Some boats on the peninsula we already saw yesterday

Back at Akaroa the weather turnt better, but wasn‘t really good. We spent some time in front of the library using free WIFI and tried to find out, why Rikes credit card did not work. What to do next? Now Rike had a great Idea. You remember the Ferry, where we approved to be brave seawomen and men? We met this couple wo both are Pastors. On the Ferry they invited us to stay one or more days with them at their place in Christchurch. So… Rike gave Sarah a call and she answered.

It was no problem at all, that we called these guys at 3:30 pm an got a date at 5:00 pm. Now it was time to hurry up, because the gps told us, that it is a 90 min. drive till Christchurch – Papanui. We got a little bit nervous, because we were 30 minutes late at Sarah‘s and Elliot‘s place, but both of them were very relaxed. They welcomed us with a beer an warm and friendly words.

While Sarah finished the meal she cooked and Rike fed little master Jaron, Elliot an Fabian went down the road to buy some Naan-bread. Then we had a delicous dinner and some nice talks. Afterwards Sarah said, that she was  nervous, because she cooked this curry the first time, but everone ate it up until the last bite and it was delicous.

Only two hours after our arrival Sarah an Elliot had an appointment so they just gave us a key and said:“Hey, feel free to use what ever you want.“ What a good feeling, that they trusted us this much and let us stay in their house knowing us only for some hours. So we used the washing machine and the shower – luxury! We slept in our little campervan called ‚Tweety‘ in the driveway of the house.

The next morning we had a great breakfast all together with croissants, fruit salad and yoghurt. Sarah made coffee for all of us and nearly forgot to get to work. Elliot stayed at home for his studies and we began the day with tidying up our campervan. Then we drove to Sumner Beach and tried to make a walk to Taylors Mistake, but, most likely, due to earthquake damage we couldn‘t make the whole walk. But we had some great views and discoverd some cool plants.


Ordnung muss sein

Back at the beach Jaron could play in a pool near the beach which was specially build for kids. While he was a little bit afraid of the big water fontains, he liked the small ones very much. He even walked in the water on one hand for the first time. Near the beach we had a picnic on the grass and of course Jaron wanted to have what we ate for the whole time. Meanwhile it turned to late afternoon, so we went to the Countdown supermarket to get some food for the evening. Next to the supermarket was The Warehouse and of course we had to buy something there. This time a proper bodyboard for the next good waves.


In the evening Fabian made some quiches an Rike a salad, so we could at least return a little bit of the great hospitality Sarah and Elliot gave to us.  This time we spent the evening together which was not only great fun, but also quite inspiring. We talked a lot about philosophical, religious and political topics and found two intelligent and sophisticated discussion partners. We also learned a lot about New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

In the late evening Elliot showed us a card game from Germany they could never play, because the instructions are in german. So we learned together how to play WIZARD and had lot of fun, until Jaron woke up and wanted to go into the campervan.

After another night in the campervan we again had a huge breakfast. But after all, every good time comes to an end, so we had to say goodbye when Sarah and Elliot went for a bike track with their friends from south america to ride their new bikes. Although we knew those guys for only two days we were quite sad to leave them now.

Dear Sarah and Elliot, we had such a great time with you wonderful people, thank you so much for your efforts and your great hospitality. We hope very much to see you again one time. And we also hope, that you would apologize, that we now switch to german again, because otherwise this blog writing would take too much time. Cheers.

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